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Aid & Relief

"The rising poverty and food insecurity of 80% of the population poses big risks for general health, with families forced to choose between food on the table or basic healthcare for their family members. Throughout the year we run campaigns to support those most in need with food packs, rent relief and medical financial assistance."

As the only refugee led healthcare provider across Bekaa, we have access to large geographical areas of impoverished communities that not only need healthcare but also a growing urgent need of basic food assistance and livelihood support. With this project, we run activities throughout the year to provide food assistance, financial assistance to support livelihood (in terms of rent relief) and cover for medical fees for patients requiring life saving treatment in clinics and/or hospitals where government and UNHCR-led subsidies are unavailable; these relief services were established to support those living in poverty and with severe financial instability largely affected by conflict, war, displacement and worsening economic conditions in Lebanon.

1,200+ food packs
each year
100+ families supported
with rent relief
200+ medical treatments supported

Support our Aid & Relief efforts today!

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