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Mobile Medical Units

"As one of the only healthcare providers in a mobile setting, we are able to benefit a much larger number of people living in wider geographical areas across the Bekaa Valley. This means that families who can't afford transport can still receive medical aid."

The EMA mobile health clinic provides regular, affordable, and accessible primary healthcare to over 50 camps in the Al Marj and Saadnayel areas of the Bekaa Valley. Since it's creation, EMA has treated patients of all ages, with conditions ranging from infectious diseases to pneumonia, burns, heart disease, urine infections, and common seasonal conditions. All services and the medications necessary to treat them are heavily subsidised thanks to our generous donors and supporters.


We have two equipped vans to be fully operational mobile clinics, that allow us to provide access to healthcare services to communities who are living in isolated areas and cannot afford regular healthcare. We assess, treat, and refer patients in addition to providing medical advice and guidance to ensure they maintain good health and live healthier and longer lives.


The mobile units allow for us to serve the Syrian refugee community where they are. This saves them the cost of transportation to a health center, a cost burden many are unable to bear. Many families who may have access to cheap healthcare cannot access it as they cannot afford the $0.50 to travel to the hospital: even when healthcare is discounted for them, the fees are still unaffordable.

With our mobile medical units, we provide the solution to both of these issues: affordable healthcare, at the door of refugee settlements. We support the long term sustainable living for the communities, by providing not just one-off healthcare, but visits to all of our locations twice a month - to provide follow up where necessary. If specialist follow up is necessary, we can now also refer patients to our own polyclinic.

2,000+ patients treated each month
75,000 with access to EMA Services
50 Refugee Camps

Support our Mobile Medical Units today!

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